Last weekend was a long one at the North American Open.  3 days of some of the best skiing I'll see all year, and late parties every night.  The weather didn't want to cooperate for the weekend, but it was at least good some of the time on Friday.  The entire day was non-stop runs by hundreds of competitors.  It was a challenge just to see a whole run without missing someone else's.  I'm not going to go into judging, as people will always disagree with that.  But this was one of the best freeskiing comps I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot.  Can't wait for it next year.

LJ Strenio

Steph Myers

Nevill Wilder

Adam Delorme

Adam Double Frontflip 180

Blake Nyman

Jenn Hirsch

Keri Herman

Pat Goodnough

Girl Squad - Angeli, Keri, Jenn, Carrie, Steph, X

Brett Weiss killed it

Every night all the athletes went out and everyone had a great time, regardless of who won or lost.

I even got to hang out with Josh Bibby and his inspiring beard.

Good luck to everyone next weekend at Big Bear.