Freeskiers of the world: Unite!faction: n. A minority group working within, and in opposition to, a majority group.Tired of the mainstream, big brand, mass-produced products, Faction Skis is making the call to the world’s disillusioned masses  - to come together, to unite. To fight from the inside out with the uniting desire to take skiing away from big business and back into the hands of real, passionate skiers. You, me, us.Members of the Faction Skis collective are not a large corporation. They are a tearaway group of ex-pro skiers and random misfits, who joined together in a secret base hidden deep within the heart of the European Alps to create a guideline for a revolution – “The Faction Manifesto”.They’ve created a strict set of criteria to produce only the best, high quality, high performance skis on the market. Nothing but fat twins - designed, tested and built by skiers, for skiers. No cost cutting - no compromises. Available only online from the completely redesigned website, the skis are numbered limited editions with artist-designed topsheets.  The skis have sold out within weeks of launch for the past three years running, so get online to join the revolution.2006/7 ski range

For 2006/7 they’ve beefed up all their skis to create the best all round park/freeride twintip skis out there, for intermediates to expert guys and girls. They’ve increased the lengths of the Dillinger and Wednesdays to 168 and 178cm respectively, and made them both 92mm in the waist and tweaked the flexes – making them ideal for hucking in the park and backcountry, as well as for ripping up the pow.They’ve shortened the 3.Zeros a touch to 183cm and fattened them up nearly 2cm to 112mm in the waist making them ideal for the backcountry, however with their silky smooth flex they’re still wicked in the park. To cater for all the bigger harder charging guys out there they’ve brought back the Thirteen to the collection – similar to the but with a stiffer flex and a 191cm length this ski will cut through anything at any speed.All Faction Skis are still handmade with a full laminate construction woodcore, fiberglass braiding, 22 degree ABS sidewalls, ptex 2000 grade bases, full length wrap-around Rockwell steel edges, and some secret ingredients from the Faction Design House for the best combination of performance, durability and feel out there. No cost cutting foam cores or capped skis that you see from the mass produced brands.TeamWe are proud to announce the first French member of our team, Laurent Belin. The 2007 team is listed below and include freestyle and big mountain skiers, telemarkers, guys and girls. UK/Europe:Ben Hawker (UK)Laurent Belin (FRA)Kalle Fredrikson (SWE)Emma Repo (SWI)Chloe Veuthey (SWI)North America :Kyle Johnson (CAN)Evan Wilcox (CAN)Ross Janzen (CAN)Martha Burley (CAN)Dustin Hendricks (USA)2006-7 Ski specs168cm – “Dillinger”:Tip/waist/tail (mm): 122/92/112Tip & tail height (mm): 52/47Radius:18m178cm – “Wednesday”:Tip/waist/tail (mm): 122/92/112Tip & tail height (mm): 52/47Radius: 21m183cm – “3.Zero”:Tip/waist/tail (mm): 142/112/132Tip & tail height (mm): 55/50Radius: 25m191cm – “Thirteen”:Tip/waist/tail (mm): 142/112/132Tip & tail height (mm): 55/50Radius: 28m