Newschoolers' Review:

The ski of choice for most of the Faction Squad and with good reason, these things are loads of fun. The Candide 2.0 has evolved over recent years, what was a fairly stiff ski, is now the softest its been, especially in the tip. They are buttery and playful, but still very skiable all over the hill. The tip and tail height has been significantly increased too and I like them much better in soft snow than the older versions as a result, but the symmetrical shape does hold them back in that regard because the tail prefers not to sink and also makes them feel a little unwieldy in bumps and tight situations. I absolutely raved about the 2.0 when it first came out, and while there is a much greater range of competition in the category now, I still think the 2.0 is a great option. - Twig

Characteristics: Buttery, versatile, playful

Manufacturer's Description:

The Candide 2.0 is the favourite of athletes Adam Delorme and Daniel Hanka. Playful, buttery and poppy, the 2.0 lets you look at the mountain in a whole new light. With a 102mm waist, 2mm of camber, updated poplar/beech core as well as new micro-cap construction, the Candide 2.0 challenges the status quo of where a ski can take you, pushing the boundaries wherever you go.

Sizes: 166,172,178,184CM

Dimensions: 135 / 102 / 135 MM

Radius: 16M