Coming off this past weekend's World Cup event in Quebec, judging may not have been the only thing FIS flubbed up. Whoever is in charge of designing the top 3 finishers' plaques had a little mishap, spelling '3rd' as '3nd'. If you didn't notice it right away, no worries, neither did Giulia Tanno, the recipient of this one of a kind mistake. Taking the final podium spot in slope, this may have been the most coveted prize of all.

The bummer for FIS is that it could have just as well been a Dew Tour or X Games mistake, but of course it befell on them. I kinda feel bad for posting this, but it's just too good not to. It may be an embarrassment for FIS, but looking at it from a competitor's perspective, I'd probably rather have a FIS plaque saying '3nd' than winning a correctly spelled 1st place one anyways. Think about later in life, that's gonna be a hilarious memento to reflect back on your time as a competitive freeskier. So good for Giulia, toss that one on the mantle and laugh with (at) FIS.

I don't know much about FIS, alls I know is I wouldn't put my money on this employee in a spelling bee.