You can use a jersey display case

to professionally frame and display sports jerseys, military uniforms, vintage

clothing, baby christening gowns, and other cherished clothing pieces. Also

known as jersey display cabinets superbowl

jackets or hangers, these useful glass-fronted cases hang on the

wall and show off your valuable textiles and jerseys.

Question: I want to frame my boyfriend's hockey jersey. Do I need a larger

sized case, or will any size work?

Answer: Some sport jerseys, such as football or hockey, are larger than

basketball or baseball jerseys. It is a good idea to get a bigger display case

for these types of jerseys. If you want to show off more of the uniform, you

will want to get a large display cabinet that is at least 31.5 inches high by

23.5 inches wide by 2 inches diameter (thickness from front to back). You can

buy an extra large display case that is 29.75 inches high by 38.75 inches wide

by 1.75 inches diameter (thickness from front to back).

Question: Can I mount a jersey display glass-fronted frame directly to the wall

with screws, or do I have to hang it on the NHL Jerseys

wall like a typical picture? I am worried that the uniform I am framing could

be stolen, or possibly knocked off the wall as people brush past it in the

reception room of our warehouse business.

Answer: You can mount most display cases on the wall directly, or you can hang

them on the wall. You will want to check beforehand with the manufacturer to

make sure that screw holes have been bored in the back of the case, so that the

case can be secured to the wall. Not all display cases are built to be mounted

directly to walls, but many can be customized to hang in this fashion, which is

much more secure than hanging them on the wall with picture hooks.

Question: Since I retired from US Air Force three years ago, I've been wanting

to display my uniform in my office. But I'm worried that if I hang my military

uniform in a display case, it will get ruined from the pins and things. Is there

any way to prevent this?

Answer: Many display cases are designed with built in hangers, so you can hang

up your new

era hats jersey and keep it from being

damaged by pins and clips. This is a good option for any type of uniform that

you cannot replace. If you are concerned about preserving your military uniform

inside the cabinet, you should also protect the uniform from fading by making

sure the jersey display case has UV protection on the glass.