Introducing a new, exclusive video series from Level 1, featuring cutting-room-floor footage from their new film, “After Dark.”

“We had four camera crews traveling the world for six months shooting

for our latest movie and we accumulated more content than we could ever

squeeze into an hour-long feature film,” says Level 1′s director Josh

Berman. “What you see in the flick, mag, and web coverage only tells a

part of the story. The Extra Dark series that we’ll be dropping online

features some awesome behind-the-scenes stories, a look at the

filmmaking process, outtakes, extras, and a ton of grade-A action that

hasn’t yet seen the light of day.”

In this episode, check out some of what went into our annual park shoot

in Sun Valley, ID where Parker White, Chris Logan, Alex Bellemare, Tom

Wallisch, and Niklas Eriksson get after some jib and jump features

including the massive Quad Wall setup, a canon rail over 30ft of rocks,

and a HUGE 120-foot gap jump.