This past weekend, the Surface crew rolled out to a dimly inhabited town in southern Utah. 40 minutes from the town exists an uninhabited ski resort, devoid of life, cell service, and activity for the past nine years. With minimal snow and mellow terrain, we made the best of creative features and put our souls into 6 hour projects in hopes of creating some late season media of our travels. Banks Gilberti, Tug Boat, Mike Schneider, Jared, Paul B, Ian Matteson, and Josh Bishop rolled the dice in hopes of yet another pow trip and walked away from an adventurous weekend with an appetite for more.Initially valued at $3.5 billion, Elk Meadows, UT is currently worth 5.15 million. This vacant 1,138 acres of mountainside condos last operated in the 2000 - 2001 season and is littered with multi-million dollar homes, private ski runs, and half completed construction projects. Originally slated as the next billionaires' playground, many investors saw potential in Elk Meadows. Unfortunately, their dreams were larger than their hedge funds and the 10,400ft resort fell into oblivion after bobbling between failed investors and bankrupt companies.In the main lodge, signs for $35 lift tickets, broken floor boards, and abandoned construction projects mark the age of the resort. Walking in, you feel as though 50 - 80 people were working around the clock, when, without warning, dropped their coffee mugs and vanished. A Shattered television, thousands of dollars in copper wire, a credit card machine, coffee filters, and an imploded cafeteria emit an eerie sense of wonderment as you walk around the lodge.Below are photos of our endeavors. Without proper snow, we made the best of everything and produced one of the most exhilarating, energizing, and bizarre trips of the season.The Classiest Diner in all of Beaver, UT

Hayden Price. The most casual aggressive skier you will ever encounter
Bishop in deep contemplation
The view from Elk Meadows.
Filled with hilarious comments and an intricate understanding of all that is technology, Ian Matteson is a must have for any trip. The Majority of photos in this update were taken by Ian, edited to perfection, and delivered to our inbox that very evening. How's that for dedication?
Tug Boat (master of the accommodations) and Jared, two great characters that has been down since day one!
Hayden Price, shredding pow atop vacant condos
6 hours of preparation, two hours of sessioning, and some varsity skiing from Gilberti makes this feature a winner!
As an excellent photog, banks knows a considerable amount about aperture and other things camera related. Tell a friend.
Tucked away on one of many back roads throughout the resort, Banks saw this feature and was instantly stepping out a transition and in run. Equally as hungry to make something happen, Ian Matteson posted up and produced one of my favorite shots from the trip.
Part time photog, part time fimer, full time baller, Paul Braunstein is dedicated to doing work. With his camera always on, Paul experiments with a 7D to produce some incredible media of skiers in the greater Salt Lake area.
Abandoned lifts make for eerie lifestyles of Banks.
Hayden and Bishop. The first to inhabit the trail in nine years.
MTS: Fearless leader, organizer, and friend. If you need assistance conceptualizing your dreams for a company, finding a direction in life, or motivation for another day, take notes from Mike, his passion is unyielding and he is open to everything.
Enough MUTE GRAB to make Johnny Mosely proud. Well done Bishop. Ian Matteson Photo.
Looking ahead to the spring and summer, our crew will split apart and dive into full time jobs, shredding in Mammoth, Whistler, and Hood, ultimately pursuing their dreams and doing whatever possible to sustain life in the off season.Here's to the upcoming months! We're going to have a blast and regardless of your agenda, obligations, or bankroll, you should live life and aggressively pursue your goals.**Thanks to Ian Matteson for the incredible photos and Tug Boat for the sleeping arraignments!