Poor Boyz Productions is proud to be officially accepted into the 2010 X-Dance Film Festival. X-Dance is a celebration of actions sports culture, film, music and video games that takes place in Salt Lake City from Jan. 20-26. It is considered the premiere Film Festival in the world of action sports.

Out of hundreds of entries, both domestic and international, EVERY DAY IS A SATURDAY was selected as a finalist and was judged on five categories: Cinematography, Editing, Story, Music, and Action.

X-Dance is unique in that each of the five categories are given equal value in the judging process. It is X- Dance’s belief that this rounded and balanced judging techniques will “move the Action Sport Film industry away from the ‘Action Porn‘, driven by the endemic industries, into legitimate filmmaking recognition of a much broader scale.”

The selection of EVERY DAY IS A SATURDAY to X-Dance furthers the progression and growth at Poor Boyz as a filmmakers, and continuing on the success of the film from IF3 earlier this fall.

Transitions a film by Riley Poor and Contrast by Nimbus Productions was among the other films selected, so we would like to congratulate the Nimbus Crew and Riley on their accomplishments as well!