*Press Release*


Even though Stowe Mountain Resort has always been one giant natural terrain

park, we build the stuff that hard-core huckers and jibbers love too. Along

with special events, industry partners, and local talent, Stowe has long been

a breeding ground for great freestyle skiers and riders.


Some of today's top pro skiers and snowboarders such as Tanner Rainville, Andy

Woods, Jake Blauvelt, Kyle Clancy and Zach Leach started out in Stowe. In addition,

up and comers like Tommy Emanuelson, Hans Mindich, MC Wyras, Duncan Adams, and

Ricky Hess are Stowe locals. Starting in 2004, Stowe initiated a mountain company

sponsored 'Youth Team,' by providing ten of the areas top young freestyle athletes

with season passes and competition support.


Stowe's freestyle terrain features a Super Pipe and three different Terrain

Parks. The largest of Stowe's terrain parks is located on Mt. Mansfield, it

has it's own designated area with big tabletop jumps, hip hits, boxes and rails.

Intermediate and beginner terrain parks are also located throughout the resort.

Just for jibbers, Stowe set's up a separate rail park that specifically caters

to the needs of early and late season freestylers.


The Stowe Slopestyle Series has become the areas signature freestyle event.

For the past five years this event series has featured multiple contests every

season. Through its core industry sponsors, these amateur events have delivered

thousands of dollars in prizes to competitors. Additionally, the Stowe 'Jam'

events start as early as Thanksgiving weekend, and conclude with summertime

Rail Jam on Memorial Day Weekend.


Stowe has been the home mountain to Burton Snowboards for over a decade. Other

local ski & snowboard manufacturing companies such as Dynastar and Rossignol

also utilize Stowe for youth team and product development.

I can't help myself but use the age old "grabbing a little tail"


Fun little rainbow box.

Haven't you always wanted to ski through a redbull arch?

That's a nice looking jump. T-Rainville doing a trick for the TGR heli when

they filmed at Stowe for "Soul Purpose".

Since you guys spend so much time uploading videos, Here's two videos of some

rails from Stowe!

Rail Jam


Thanks to ski8990

for the first video, and noj1080

for the second!

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