As in any other sport, or life in general, there are good days and bad days. Some days are tits deep blower, every turn you make seems to force a childlike grin out of you as if you were skiing for the first time. Other days are not so great, maybe it's a little crusty, the snow too sticky, the light too flat, etc. We all have our limits, and some days it's straight up too sketchy to ride, but what about the mediocre days that fall in between? If the lines are an hour long, or the wind is ripping sideways, it might be a good day to skip. Sometimes a good time can still be had on those other days.

Maybe it's a little low vis out there, but there's a flat rail that isn't too bad to hike. Maybe the mountain is crusty, but you can find a decent trail to ski and move around as things soften up a bit. Some of the best days on the mountain can spawn from days that could have easily been written off. Maybe the snow will soften up for a bit, the sun will peak out of the clouds, maybe it won't. The weather can have a big impact on a day of skiing, but don't let it completely dictate your ability to have fun. As we saw with the end of last season, you never really know what the future holds so it's best to make the most of it when you can. So grab some friends, some chairlift beers(or juice boxes if you're 12) and get out there.

We get stoked at the start of each season. People driving hours to ski a few shitty rails in the rain or fog. What happens to that stoke when we get deeper into the season? At some point the season will end. We'll be left with the long period that connects closing day to the start of next season. Some days the weather is terrible, some days you just don't feel like skiing, but it's worth grabbing some friends and pushing through on some of those. You never know, a day you would have otherwise skipped, could be one of your favorite days of the season.

Remember those good days, but don't grow to expect them. Don't let yourself become calloused toward the otherwise un noteworthy days. Enjoy the hell out of the good days when they come, but don't be scared to get out and spin some laps with friends on those "other" days. Those "other" days make up a big part of the season and it's a shame to waste them. Some days the snow won't be that great, but there will be summer days without any snow to ski. Stack some days with the squad and make some memories. Hang onto those skiing memories and let them help you slide into sweet nostalgic dreams. Don't sweat it, winter will be here soon, and the world will make sense again...