Photos: StadlerAs any skier knows, weather in March is predictably unpredictable, as was the case this past weekend at the European Open in Laax, Switzerland.  Although some competitors had flown in from halfway across the globe, the weather conditions were unwelcoming to say the least.  Violent winds, heavy snow, and white-out conditions rendered the weekend a total bust.

Gearing up for the Arctic exploration superpipe qualifiersSaturday's slopestyle event was canceled due to the whole "not being able to see the jumps" situation.  In lieu of the slopestyle comp, a rail jam was held on Saturday.  A stacked list of pros who are normally throwing down on perfectly manicured parks and pipes were forced to get creative on a small stair set jib.   Kaya Bamba Turski rounded out the womens' podium with a solid array of switch ups and 270's.  Katie Summerhayes from England took second and Ashley Battersby walked away with first place after stomping a rock-solid 270 on 270 off .  On the men's side of things, it was JF Houle who stole the show with a nosebutter 450 on to 270 off on the down bar.  Tom Wallisch and Samuel Favret joined JF on the men's podium.
Kaya Bamba preparing to switchup the down box.  Photo: John Vandervalk // newschoolers.comMeanwhile, Matt Margetts was busy learning about the inner-workings of his knee after casually slicing it open during a botched tails-first switch 270 on attempt in the public park.
Marge's knee smiles for the camera.  After 28 stitches and a couple weeks of rest, Matt will be back on snow.  
Anais Caradeux sneaks a quick practice run between gale force wind gusts.
Lousy weather couldn't keep Kevin Rolland from busting this huge flair during practice.On Sunday, the high winds and poor visibility left the competition organizers with no choice but to nix the superpipe event as well.  It looks like everybody's going to have to wait for this week's European X-Games to find out who's got the gusto to take the top spot in the slopestyle and superpipe.  The event kicks off on Wednesday with the men's superpipe qualifiers and finals.  Don't miss it!