Arrived Tignes late last night. met up with Elvis Harsheim and Oscar Harlaut witch Im staying with. They were stuck at the bus station at the town below so with my brilliant charm I convinced her to pick them up. We went up to the town we were staying at, found our place, but we had no key!!! Elvis had talked to the lady he rented the place from who didn´t speak english. She said we had to go left, and then left, there we will find a boat where she had hidden the key. Obviously we didn´t find a boat in the middle of the french alps so we just ended up walking the streets for two hours in a desperate hope we would find a key. off course we didn´t find the key in the streets, what we did find thoug was a nice guy who tried his best to help us. Walked around town trying to find a booking agency that wasen´t closed..... nope.... after a good 4 hours freezing cold on the streets this guy offers us to stay at his place. Three complete strangers he just met. felt a little weird to just stay with a guy you didn´t know, but it was either that or freezing to death. So Russ (I belive his name was) thank you very much, your a hell of a guy.Woke up this morning, soooo tired since we didn´t get any sleep. checked into our place, at that time the practice was mid way thru so we decided to chill today and rest up for tomorrow. didn´t seem like we missed anything though. according to the guys who skied the course was terrible. They said they had to change everything if they wanted this comp to work so I guess it´s a brand new course tomorrow. PEACE