This is a somewhat more serious blog. Here is my college essay, for the common application, which I have recently submitted;

Throughout my life, I have always wondered what I would do in time of crisis. I would imagine scenarios in which my knowledge, abilities, and morals would be called into play. Never could I have imagined that all of these would be tested while a close friend was in time of need. On January 13th, 2005, my close friend, Max, suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, among other serious injuries, while competing in a ski competition. I was there to see my friend battle for his life, not only on the mountain that day, but up until the present, when he continues to turn heads with his astounding recovery. His miraculous journey has been an inspiration to many people. However, few people have been moved by it as significantly as I. I visited him in the hospital every day that I could, and sometimes as frequently as four times a week. Being privy to every step of his recovery gave me a greater idea of the scope of his rehabilitation. People who would visit once or twice in two weeks would see a dramatic improvement in his condition and would discount small improvements as being insignificant. I would see these improvements as the stones of a foundation being laid. The smallest improvements and advancements provided a firm base for his recovery to build upon. Max has come an astoundingly long way, and continues to improve. The future remains unseen, however. His recovery and current condition have created a difficult friendship, which is unlike any other relationship I have experienced. Before the accident, Max and I were with each other primarily at school, and while skiing. Skiing together brought us closer as friends, and we would often come home from skiing, spend the night at each others' house, then get an early start on skiing the next morning. Since his accident has left Max without the ability to ski, our friendship has developed a void. We still see each other at school, but where skiing enabled us to find a common ground, there is now empty space, that has yet to be filled. Seeing Max outside of school is an awkward situation. We developed a bond during his recovery, but our relationship has suffered since we are unable to converse on the topic that was the major foundation of our friendship. In this position, some people might decide to give up, because maintaining touch with Max entails too much work without a basis for the friendship. His journey has not been easy, and he still has a long way to go. Despite this challenge, I remain solid in my convictions to be there for Max as much as possible.