Home Mountain: Fellhorn, Germany

This resort in the German Alps is perfect for fun times shredding in the park but as well for some freeride action. Parktime consists of bustin’ over rails, boxes and tables, flying high on badass kickers and havin’ a good time in the chilloutzone watching others killing their runs. After a good night of snowfall you are able to destroy some pow right of the lift or walk up to the mountain top and stomp your run from up here.

Because I don’t live that close to the mountains, this resort became my home mountain with being about 200 miles away from home. This means dedicated weekends with getting up early in the morning to start the day off with a 3 hour ride to get to the place we love. Arriving there all the worries are swept away once you take out that long, hard thing out of it’s comforting cover. Don’t know what you were thinking but I’m talking about my Forum Destroyer ChillyDog. Off to the ticket booth, pay whatever price it takes and get ready to roll. Last preps in the lift like checking them goggles, tighten your boots, telling your FRENDS your trick of the day and after getting off the lift up top, nothing stands in the way for another sweet day in the mountains.

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