Who likes rollercoasters? This weekend I went on an international road trip spanning 4 parks in 4 days with 21 different rollercoasters. To some it may seem retarded, but it was probably the best weekend ever. The trip started out with a drive to Kennywood near Pittsburgh PA. It was a trip for Cedar Point employees and I went with about 6 my friends and my girlfriend.

I was reppin NS that day too.

Phantom's Revenge.

I work the same ride at Cedar Point and theres an unwritten rule that certified employees from other parks get to ride for free. This one is bigger than the one where I work so I had to take advantage of the free flight.

Pretty strawesome day.

Day two started out after a drive to Michigan the night before. At this point it was just my girlfriend and I. Our plan was to go to Toronto to Canada's Wonderland. Cedar Point employees get in free there so we figured we should check it out, especially since they just put in Canada's biggest rollercoaster, Behemoth.

Almost there.

This ride was EPIC. Just as good as advertised.

The second skycoaster (my 5th) of the weekend. Getting on it for free was great, especially because of the ridiculous prices on everything in Canada.

After that, we drove to Niagara Falls. Driving through Toronto was nuts. I'm not used to 12 lane highways and having 2 languages on all the signs didn't make following directions any easier.

We stopped in Welland ON and stayed at a Comfort Inn then in the morning made the 20 minute drive to Marineland, home of Dragon Mountain.

Dragon Mountain. Shit was awesome.

SkyScreamer. You could see Niagara Falls from up there which was really cool. Also, I find it hilarious that you canadians call bathrooms washrooms. You probably think its weird we call washrooms bathrooms though.

Dragon Mountain has the worlds only bowtie inversion. It was sick.

They had dolphins too. They could spin 900s out of the water. Pretty hucked, but pretty technical.

After a few hours there we ventured a few miles south and checked out Niagara Falls.

Check out the hottie thats standing behind us.

I met up with Dr. Phil that weekend. He's a pretty chill guy.

Believe it, or not.

I decided to be ballin and eat at Planet Hollywood. I was kinda pissed I didn't have any American cash though, cause I could have saved 10 bucks since the prices on the menu hadn't been changed to reflect the weak American dollar.

Pretty cool sunset. You can catch a glimpse of SkyScreamer in the background.

We crossed over the border and drove through New York to Pennsylvania. The last day, and last park would be spent at Waldameer in Erie PA. We were unlucky finding a hotel since there was some big bowling tournament or something so we camped out in a parking lot. It really showed how awesome my girlfriend is cause she didn't complain at all.

Waldameer isn't exactly enormous, but this year they built what might be one of the top 5 wooden rollercoasters in the world.

Such an epic ride.

And that completes my 4 day road trip. It was awesome.