Press Release"Many have been asking about when the Enom Headwear website will be up. Well this winter and fall we've been working tremendously hard on our new apparel and website. With the help of our new apparel manager Matt Yerman, we've been producing some really unique ideas and designs. I can't show you what the apparel will look like but I can give you some background on the apparel...

We will be releasing the apparel at High North Session 2 and throwing stickers, hats, etc. at campers so make sure you go! Our new apparel includes two t-shirts, a zip-up hoodie, a trucker hat, and a basketball jersey. The style of our apparel is 50/50 in whichhalf is "laid back" and the other half is "retro 80's".. We plan on releasing the new site July 1st at the LATEST. Unfortunately, the Headwear section of the Online Store will be closed for a while as we try to stockpile our new crotched headwear line for the 05/06 winter season.

In addition to this, we are looking to hire 1 or 2 great crocheters. In order to obtain this job, you need to prove to us that your crocheting skills are par with ours and you MUST be either from Minnesota, Utah, New Hampshire, or Massachusetts (we're not picking favorite states or anything, it's just easier for us to contact you if hired).

Also, for anyone who was wondering, our 2005/2006 winter season Pro and Am Teams include:

Pro Team:Jacob WesterZach DavisonCraig CokerGrete EliassenAshley BattersbyTyler BattersbyTosh PetersMax PetersCedric Tremblay-FournierAm Team:Matt WalkerIan CoscoAdam BattersbyAdam FalkLance SeemanMark DvorakList is subject to change soon with other riders joining.

Keep checkin' the website for updates.. as well as our apparel manager's site to see his work.

Also check out our riders in upcoming movies such as Stept Productions "Blueprints", Poor Boyz Productions "War", RAGE Films "Booter Crunk", Off Trail Productions "The Eleventh Hour", and Theory-3's "Safety Meeting"

See ya on the glacier!-Connor Scofield