ENOM LIVES!!! I would like to personally apologize for the extremely long hiatus that we have created separating Enom Headwear from the freeskiing community over the past months. Both Even and I are students at the University of Minnesota and finding free time to make hats is hard enough, let alone getting the company back up and running. With that being said, we are proud to announce that Enom Headwear is back and stronger than ever. Over the Holiday season, we will be working on finishing up the new website as well as updating our product page with brand new inventory featuring beanies, scarves, bandanas and some accessories along with the same quality custom headwear we have continued to provide for the past few years. Thanks to all who have stuck with us through this long waiting period and still purchased clothing and hats, it is all paying off and we promise our new stuff will be quite legit. To make room for the new products, we are looking to sell off the remaining inventory we have from the last 2 years. What does that mean for you? Bad ass apparel at ridiculous prices. By e-mailing enomheadwear@yahoo.com you are able to order the tan or brown shirts at $10 a piece, and the white sweatshirts for $25 a piece. Don’t worry about the shipping costs, we will take care of it. Hell, if you’re cool enough, we might even comp you with some deals on multiple shirts, hats, etc. Since the site is not up, check out the lame Enom MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/bigshanks04 for the t-shirt designs. We know its lame, but it gets orders, so why not eh? The hat orders have started to roll in daily, and we thank you all who have taken the time to order hats, but we are more excited to see what you guys think of the new line of gear we have lined up for after the holidays. We have our web designer and graphics designer working hard to get the site looking perfect as well as a few others managing our very own Enom Special Tactics Team. On that note, congratulations goes out to Tactics flow team riders Chris McKeever and Evan Rutford for placing 1st and 2nd (respectively) at the Sally’s Bar rail jam sponsored by Red Bull, Freshtip Design and Pinewski’s, among others. Expect the new website sometime around when the ball drops (New Years) and look for an updated homepage featuring news and happenings in the world of Enom and a completely updated Team page, Product page (featuring new products) and media page with all the pictures from rail jams crazy times with the Enom folks. Keep checking for picture contests as well as a t-shirt design contest featuring some sweet deals and prizes. So stick with us over the next few weeks as we wrap up at school and get the website back on track. Keep checking newschoolers.com for updates on the site and we will for sure let everyone know when it is back up and running so you all can check out the new gear. Until then, take care of your holiday shopping with the deals we are offering and keep the hat orders coming in. Thanks for sticking with us and we apologize for the long break we took… but we’re back and ready to tear it up this season. Until then, any questions, comments, ideas or if you just want to gab with us… let us know by e-mailing enomheadwear@yahoo.com or talk to us on AIM (EnomHeadwear). Cheers, Lucas Shanks and Even Kuross Enom Headwear