Hey everybody, sorry I havent posted a blog in a little while. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas like I did. I got a cool new video camera & video editing software, some pretty sweet mittens, and of course, clothes (but awesome clothes). So, since my last blog post, I'be gone skiing about 3 times (give or take a day): Boston Mills twice, Brandywine once or twice. I must say, BW has a nice set up going on up there, major props to the crew. At BM, my friends and I discovered a really cool small kicker in between two of the slopes. The cool thing is though, the landing was like the bottom of a smaller hill, which means more air. Basically, me and my friends spent a bunch of time just hitting this kicker over, and over, and over... Now on to BW. They have two parks set up (but not the main one yet), Downdraft Park & Progression Park. I was with Rosso today, and we started at Progression. They had a total of 8 rails, and since I'm not very good at describing the features, i'll copy and paste the BMBWParks Tweet : 1. flat box 2. flat rail 3. down box 4. down rail 5. disco box combo 6. up rail 7. mini battleship box 8. small battleship rail. It was pretty cool because the rails were lined up in two rows/columns, and you could hit up a sick line. My favorite line was: Flat Rail, Down Rail, Up Rail, Small Battleship Rail. Then, Rosso & I started to do some stuff on Downdraft. We both did a certain line because we were loving it: Flat Rail, Wide 16ft Flat Down Bar, 20ft Kicker, Flat Box. Anyways, I'll update you guys later (hopefully w/ videos too!)Happy Skiing!TheShealyWord