Hood, and Whister for years these have been the summer meccas for skiing. They

allow a lucky few to extend their ski season and improve their skills. Well now

there’s another spot on the map to add to that list. Beartooth Pass. This

past summer Empire Freeride brought to most advanced park ever seen to the Montana-Wyoming

border. What makes Empire stand out from the other camps around North America?

Not only can you hit up the park all day long but you can also work on big mountain

skills. Empire offers terrain other camps can’t even compete with. Coaches

that know how to make you a better skier. And the relaxed atmosphere needed for


'Awesome terrain with little to no lift lines, for quick laps. Easily accessed

steep skiing made the camp exciting '- Coach Greg Tuffelmire

Expert cat driver and camp director Mike Gimmeson was able to push the huge

amount of available snow around to create the sickest park the snow field had

ever seen. There are cats in every night fixing the hits up and experienced

diggers in early every morning making sure the park is dialed. The Empire crew

was kind enough to let Tanner Hall and Mickael Deshanaux of a neighbor camp

hit up the 60 footer. Tables ranging from 15 to 60 feet, a 70 foot channel gap,

a 60 foot rock gap similar to the Whistler’s windlip, flat rails, kink

rails, c rails, a teeter-toter rail, and a 1/4 pipe make up Empire’s park.

But up above all the man made features are nature’s creations, cornices

and cliffs as big as 40 feet, steep chutes, and big wide bowls. They don’t

call it a freeride camp for nothin’.

When other camps say they have a lift serviced park they mainly mean you take

a lift to the top of the mountain to get to the snow. At Empire the park is

actually lift serviced, you never need to click out of your bindings. Empire

was also proud to host the Red Bull Beartooth Open (Slopestyle). Basically,

if you’re into improving every aspect of your skiing, and want a chill,

progressive place to do it Empire is the camp for you.

Off hill activities include rafting, mountain biking, climbing, trampolines,

and tons of ski movies. Lodging for Empire this summer

will be at Chateau Rouge. The Chateau features condo-style apartments and studio

rooms with kitchens.

Ski coaches for the 04 summer sessions are Nick Mercon, Greg Tufflemire, Sage

Catabriga, Charlotte Moats, Paul Cotter, Matt and Chris Collins, Chris Hawks,

Jessica Baker, Sam Sehnert, Mike Gimmeson, Schroder baker, Kina Picket, Sean

Clark, and Wiley Miller. Tanner, Pep, Mickael, Plake, and others have been found

hitting up Empire as well. This summer Empire will have a triple hit rhythm

section, wallride, a hip, and top secret new rails and boxes.

For more info on Empire Freeride check out EMPIREFREERIDE.COM

Skier: Dylan Natale

Photo: Jordan Anderson

Skier: Rob LaShapel

Photo: Jordan Anderson

Skier: Wiley Miller

Photo: Jordan Anderson

Skier: Dylan Natale and Willey Miller

Photo: Jordan Anderson