Press ReleaseApril 17, 2005

Hey Yah!Welcome back cats and dogs to the hottest track of the year, Empire Summer Camps. This year is gonna be off the coat rack. Were coming to you live from the Beartooth Pass during the third and best year hosting summer camps out of Red Lodge, MT. This year the glacier will have a whole new flavor with our own private park sculpted by none other than “gimme the snowflow, Mike Gimmeson.� Alright, here’s the rundown, let your imagination visualize this summer’s creations.

SnowWe’ve got it! Luckily, while others got hit with rain and less than average snowfall this winter, the Beartooth Pass got served a healthy dose of pow. Last year we had plenty to spare and this year we’ve got even more. In addition to a deep base, we are excited to have our own snowcat this year. Look forward to multiple rhythm hits with a mixture of boxes, rails, and the infamous wallride making for the most butter smooth park the Beartooth Pass has ever seen. Let’s not forget, aside from jibbing, we showcase the only Big Mountain summer riding program in N. America. We show our campers the principles of snow safety, route selection and beacon training so they’re prepared when it comes to riding steeps, and dropping rocks and cornices. Big snow, tight chutes, park flow -ya heard, Beartooth is the word!

Coaches…Yup, that’s right, the stoke factor was so richter last year that all of our coaches are coming back! Here’s who’s on the team. *We’ve got the pioneer of rail riding, one who’s claimed flaming rails, the roller coaster S-rail at Copper, and the first to ever back-flip onto a rail…team Breckenridge rider, my man, Paul Cotter. *Living in Jackson Hole we’ve got the female freeskiing phenomenon, Jessica “Big Mountain� Baker. *Look for the smoothest headwall decents from Oregon’s finest, double-backflip stompin’, ski movie superstar, and straight line master, Chris Collins. *Let’s not forget the big-haired bandit from Alta, WY, spinning huge both ways and slaying the money lines like you wish you could… Sage Cattabriga-Alosa. *Also keep an eye out for guest appearances from Greg Tuffelmire, Nick Mercon, Kina Pickett, and Tanner Hall.

Bare Bones Camp…So this one goes out to all my fellow broke @$$ friends who want to ride summer slush without all the extra fluff. We’ve created a summer experience that is worth selling your turn tables for. This bare bones camp is for the mature 18 + riders who can be responsible enough to eat oatmeal and pack a PB&J for lunch. We’ll do the rest. A place to crash –we got you. Lift tickets and access to the private park –you’re in. Transportation up and down the pass everyday –ride with me. Professional instruction and video review –it’s all there for you. Planes, trains, automobiles and mini-bikes, all you have to do is get here! This is the most affordable summer camp in North America! You have no excuses, sell your baseball card collection or go on an all Ramen noodles diet to save extra cash. Bare Bones camp will be an experience you won’t ever forget.

Oh yea!This year we decided to give ya’ll an extra day to give your boots a rest from those stinky feet. Take a day off from riding to tear it up at the skatepark, show your coaches whose king on the paintball field, or splash around at the waterpark in your speedo. We imagine that you’ll be glad to take a day off but if you just can’t get enough of the summer slush, we’ll go back up the pass for more T-shirt shredding.

Psssst…Word has it that the one and only Teton Gravity Research (TGR) will be in the Beartooth Pass this spring/summer season filming the introduction to their new film, “The Tangerine Dream.� Keep your eyes out for the TGR crew this summer and you might get your mug in the credits… Hey Mom!

So that’s the buzz. Get to to sign up while there is still room, and check out some of last year’s photos and videos.