T. Lyn Fletcher, North Carolina native and author of the upcoming supernatural  series Twisted and Turned, was invited to participate in the convention to promote the series, which she insists will take fans of supernatural and occult literature on a journey “unlike any they’ve experienced before," she says.

Twisted and Turned is “a true love story of supernatural proportions,” Fletcher says. It begins with an archangel in heaven who falls so deeply in love with a human soul that she arranges to be born on earth in the same place where this soul will be born. The soul actually becomes twins – twin vampires.

"Yet the archangel is destined to find and fall in love with one of the twins, Fletcher says, "even though her natural instinct is to destroy demons. She even bears children from this unlikely union."

“The archangel/vampire connection fascinated everyone,” Fletcher said. “Many people told me it was a fresh twist for the genre. Several people even asked me if this was going to be a TV series. They seemed really excited!”

Fletcher’s display booth for Twisted and Turned featured promotional posters designed by Cary artist Darla Yanko. Yanko is also creating cover art for each boral ok in the series.

“It was an incredible experience,” Fletcher said. “I met so many wonderful people, from the staff and volunteers to the stars from ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ Supernatural The expal osure for Twisted and Turned was invaluable, and it was great to meet people who are so deeply interested in the genre. I was thrilled to hear so many people say that they can’t wait for the books to come out.”

The EyeCon weekend included panel discussions, celebrity Q&A events, and photo op and autograph sessions with the cast of “The Vampire Diaries,” along with a Cocktail Carnival and Banquet with the stars, and a Masquerade Ball on Saturday Evening.

T. Lyn Fletcher, a member of the well-known, philanthropic Fletcher family of Raleigh, NC and a medical software designer in her “other life,” as she puts it, expects to have the entire Twisted and Turned series completed this year. Requests for review copies are already coming in.