As many of you know, the Election Day in the US is fast approaching. As many of you also know, I hate politics. Now, a few insights into the election, mainly with my limited view of Colorado politics-

-If you are going to spend millions of dollars on political add campaigns, why don’t you actually tell us what you believe in. Telling me that your opponent should be in Tijuana doesn’t make me want to vote for you. Telling me that you will “stand up to special interest groups” also doesn’t make we want to vote for you. Which special interest groups?

-Telling firemen in full fire fighting gear either of the two previous points doesn’t give you any more credibility.

-There is are two independent referendums on the ballot this November concerning gay marriage/domestic partnership- One which give something along the lines of domestic partnership rights, and one which would make an amendment making both gay marriage and civil unions illegal. Technically, both of these could pass, AND THEN WHAT?

-Are we really wasting our time fighting over domestic partnership? Shouldn’t we focus our resources on fixing real problems?

-Recent surveys show that a majority of people in Colorado support Proposition 44, which would legalize marijuana possession up to one once in the state of Colorado. Yes, federal laws would still prevail, but it would be a huge “FUCK YOU” to the federal government from the people of Colorado. The survey didn’t find out whether or not the people who support said proposition will A- remember to vote or B- actually go to the trouble of getting to the polls.

So this brings me to my conclusion. It is another election, and we still don’t have good candidates to vote for. I really don’t agree with any of the prospects for congress. The masses are still blinded from larger issues by the talking points of a few publicized issues as always- namely gay marriage and abortion. So many people are going to vote for candidates simply for what they believe on these two issues and then be completely blind and not care about the other 99% of legislative votes that the winning candidate will participate in. If we want true freedom to chose, we need a legitimate 3rd party. Hell, a legitimate 4th and 5th party would also be good. Oh, and I fucking hate politics.