So on Tuesday, thanks to having a car (somehow) and

money (who knows...) myself, cory hodges, jake

s(letters-here-that-i-dont-know)ec, thomas seymour, and steve pleines

decided to go try out this Echno Mountain we had heard so much about.

It didn't hurt that passes this week were 10 bucks for the day either.

But anyway - we arrived at echo after a super sketchy drive up squaw

pass rd (just imagine lots of sharp turns....oh, and ice.) at about

noon or so, and everyone could feel the stoke flowing through our

vibes. As we neared the lodge, we noticed something really fucking

cool: we had echo to ourselves, and only had to share with the European

Helly Hansen crew, including skier Nico Zacek.

so i tried about 5 times to do this, and kept on submitting the blog too early, so im gonna keep it to that much text and just add pics.

jake on the banked c-box...note the sweet background that the range makes.

jake greasing the looooong flat rail

im really pissed i missed this would have been so sick if the camera was on.... (d'oh)

Jake again on the other cbox

thomas seymour - funny what difference the pants make in the brightness of the picture...

the shot i was going for the other time, but from the other side

this is why i need a flash - we were using a fucking spotlight (the yellow industrial one) so i could get enough light for the shot

from below.