So the snow has fallen and we are on the cusp of the “Full On” EV season. Too many red flags to venture back into EV today with the peaks flagging hard and the obvious avi activity in the back bowls off Two Elks. Took Martin’s advice and rolled up on a perfect powder day in the untouched Beacon Park. Scraped the rust off my single and multiple burial skills and waxed the time to under 3 minutes. Try and hold your breath for 3 minutes, because either you or your buddies are going to suffer even worse if you can’t get to them in time.

Hopefully, the two groups of skittles that ignored the obvious warning signs and B-Lined back to EV or Mushie today are super dialed in. After meeting up with some of the crew, it was a no brainer to let the skittled out human avi bombs go do their work sans EVI. Besides, it was a perfect blue day to go rip Colorado’s finest packed pow. We had a ton of fun ripping the front side and staying out of the danger zone. Sometimes you just gotta hang it up peeps, not worth my season or my life today. Tomorrow is another day and you can bet if all adds up to a safe drop, we’ll be back there doing what we do best!

Now that I’m safe and all cozy in my abode, I was digging through some folders and came across some notable pix from the snowmageddon season of 2010-2011. Just take a gander at these pics from 1/16/2011 and compare them to the pix in the Benchie Pit post… huge difference, enjoy.