Ec Headwear is proud to introduce the beginning of the Hook

up your head sweepstake! From January 4th to the 31st each

hat you purchase will enter you to win a knarly set up. The set up will


- A Rasta Ec Headwear Beanie

- Spy Omega Goggles

- Skullcandy T.I. Headphones

- Apple Ipod Shuffle

To make it more enticing, If you buy 4-6 beanies, you�ll get

1 extra free entry. If you buy 7-9 beanies you get 2 extra free entries. Then

if you buy the 10 for all deal, you�ll get 4 extra free entries!

So don�t forget to get some before it�s too late!

Also Check out 4bi9 media at for some insane footy

from the best up and coming riders.

Another thing If your looking for contest sponsorship, or to

sell these beanies within your store, please email

- Matt Benedetto