We all know that skiing halfpipe has been blowing up over the past few years. There have been so many highlights over the past few years with Pete O. and the whiskey flip, Tanner's sw 10 last year at X, Simon bringing 1260s and a new world record heights, and countless people just killing the pipe from Colby West, Jossi Wells, Middle Riddle, and many many more. The overall performance of skiing halfpipe has been brought to a whole new level. Many people have been wondering why skiing halfpipe has not been introduced into the Olympics. This issue is not being ignored, and there are many groups, teams, and organizations fighting to get skiing into the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Snowboard halfpipe was added to the list at Nagano, in 1998, only 16 months before the games, so there is still hope!

EC Headwear is proud to release a new t-shirt for people to express their desire for skiing halfpipe to become an Olympic sport. It features a two color front design and a back print that say "THE FIGHT FOR SKIING HALFPIPE". They are printed on the highest quality Alstyle Apparel t-shirts. This shirt can be pre-order now, and will be shipping in less than two weeks. To show love to those who have interest in the cause and pre-order, you will be given a free random beanie from EC Headwear with each shirt you order.

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