Hello friends! This weekend the East Coast finally got some

TLC from motha nature. The temps dropped and Mount Snow VT started doin

workkkk. While the West got to enjoy A Bay and all em other mountains, us

Eastie’s got to do some whirly birds, grindbars and all sorts of extreme


On Monday

October 20th, myself and a buddy of mine, Nick Miles, went to catch some air at

Mount Snow. After hours of swivel hips, grabs, laughs, cries, and a few min of

GTS’ing we headed out to go eat pizza and drink mountain dew…

The next day I traveled back, but

just to take pictures due to a horrific rollerblade accident after skiing the

day before. I met up with Jack Borland, who had suffered a tragic loss in

SuperKang Known, and took some stills. After a little while of getting artsy it

started to pour, so I ran back to the car to watch the 30+ X-core east coasters

hike in the pouring rain enjoying what the west has been blessed with for the

past month…