Emo You May think that the word comes with tight pants and a black t shirt. well guess what no fucking way, EMO is a form and style of music that originated well in the early form or queen and rock and roll. Belive it or not....

Ne way im heare to tell you to stop harpin on us well not us me.

Yes i where skinny jeans ,yes i like them, i enjoy progressive emo music(alexisonfire,hawthorne heights)

Big riggen woop i also like quenn and rock and roll who cares. most people might think its the weird emo kids sitting in the hallways at your schools, well dont put it down because of them there just weird in general they piss me off to.

The musical style: well yes the style originalts fron music for the same reason rap comes with baggy pants and shirts that seem to be dresses so think about it and dont hate on what u dont know....


Chris Tite