In a tremendous show of talent and team spirit, Dynastar’s Pro Team skied off with three titles at the US Freeskiing Open in Vail last weekend. On the freezing cold Saturday night Big Air comp, Mikeal Deschenaux decided it was his time to shine. With a field of amazing athletes and an ENORMOUS channel gap for the venue, the Open was set for the best big air event in its history. When the lights first torched the landing on the channel gap all you could see were skiers transferring from one side of the gap to the other. Swiss Phenom, Mikeal Deschenaux, stepped it up with his switch corked 9 true tail and made it all the way to finals, where he faced the formidable Tanner Hall. Hall was throwing huge switch rodeos, and Mikeal knew it was time to step it up. In his final head to head air, Mikeal dropped a brand new trick, switch corked 1080 indy. He stomped the landing, transferring right across the gap, and skied down to the bottom the happiest man alive. He had just won the US Open Big Air. Mikeal’s win was dedicated to his fallen brethren: Tristan Picot and all his injured friends on the Dynastar team. With Superpipe event scheduled for the following day, Dyanstar’s team and its new ski, the Trouble Maker, were off to a great start. With snow in the air and the pipe filling with powder, athletes and spectators slipped the pipe out to make a venue that was usable for the U.S. Open Superpipe contest. With Boyd Easley, Jon Olsson and a number of other great riders on hand, the contest was set to be a battle. Inspired by Deschenaux’s big air victory, Dynastar’s newest rock star, Jon Reedy, stepped it up to take another 1st place at the Open in Superpipe. Reedy threw down the most technical run of the day, including switch take offs and landings and a ton of huge airs. In the end Reedy’s air to fakie and cab five to cork seven ended the dispute over first, and another win went to Dynastar’s Trouble Maker. In the womens division Dynastar rider, Marie Martinod of France, beat out girl ripper Sarah Burke for the first place in Womens Superpipe with her smooth style and technical tricks. In the end of her run she busted a huge 540 indy into a smooth 360 safety grab. With the biggest smile at the event and an “In memory of Tristan,� shirt on, Marie was all smiles after her 1st place finish. In the end, Dynastar walked away with three 1st place trophies, and more importantly a team spirit that was as strong as our rider’s skills. The team stayed together and there was a vibe through the hotel of pure bliss. Congratulations to Jon Reedy, Mikeal Deschenaux and Marie Martinod. A huge thanks goes to the support group of Dynastar as well, in particular, Team Manager, Josh Novotny.