Ok so basically I first wanna say that this has nothing to do with any skiing other than park. I understand that with all-mountain and specialty skiing there are some skis that are made with better materials and are more durable than others. (Especially when talking about bases and edges coming in contact with rocks)

What I'm trying to say is that every ski I've ridden in the park has seemed to last a single season. Yes, there are some skis that are built beefier than others, such as the K2 poacher or many ON3P skis, but every ski that I ride just gets absolutely clapped. I've accepted this fact, seeing that I still ride rails as much as I do. But I see these threads on NS all the time about what skis are the most durable. The bottom line is: If you're riding park, your skis are screwed. For example, one of my buddies got a pair of Line blends, (I know they aren't especially known for their durability, but no hate here), and his entire edge underfoot ripped out on the 3rd day. I've seen other people ride blends hard in the park for 1-2 years with minimal edge cracks. Maybe it's just a year-to-year thing with the construction of the ski, but I think it's more likely to just be luck. Personally, I think it's best to just try out a ton of skis. Have all your local buddies get different pairs, and try each other's skis out. Get a different pair every year, until you find one model you love. Not saying you have to go by this, but don't just get skis for the "clout" that they supposedly bring. Find a ski that you genuinely think is amazing, and that you love riding. Something that fits your style, and that you feel comfortable on.

Thanks for the time guys,

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