AFP has just announced that one of the longest running open slopestyle comps is no longer happening this winter. Due to lack of sponsorship money to run an event of such epic proportions was less than desired, so the event was subsequently cancelled.

Dumont had this to say regarding the cancellation, "This event means the world to me and with the landscape of the industry changing, we will refocus and find ways to hopefully bring this event back in 2017. I got my start in the sport competing at a young age with the best in the world and that is what the Dumont Cup is about. Giving young kids the ability to compete and ski with their idols and hopefully winning X Games medals one day."

While competitions are not everyone's cup of tea, it's hard to argue how rad this competition is considering it's run by one of the industry legends in Simon Dumont. Also, the fact that it gives the opportunity to any shredder that wants to throw down next to their idols for cold hard cash and ultimate bragging rights is something really unique.

Simon Dumont, Nick Goepper & Gus Kenworthy At The Dumont Cup in 2013

What the Dumont Cup is all about!

Gnarly crash from 2010

Hopefully we will see its return to Sunday River in Maine next year!

Source: AFP