The Dream Maker Terrain Park currenly has 19 features with more on the way. The park has great flow is easily accessable by the Skye Peak Express Quad. Check it out....

The park starts out with a rail section that includes a down rail, elbow box, rollercoaster rail, c box, down-flat-down, and more!

Elbow Rail

Next comes a step down

Up Rail and the hip in the background

Cannon Rail

The 4-jump line starts out with these kickers

Jumps 3 and 4

Kevin having fun on one of the kickers


The Stash is the ultimate natural terrain park! It features over 30 Log rides, rainbow trees, rock jibs, and jibbable buildings.

Paul greasing the flat log

Will Boosting the wall ride

Hitching post

Doubles! So cute...

Flat-Down and the cement ledge

Newschoolers love

The next K-Town Showdown rail jam is coming up on February 13th. For more information and to pre-register go to our website at

A big thanks goes out to Kevin Merchant, Paul Levine, and Will Halper for taking some laps with me!