I was about to start my second semester of my third year of premed at Kent State University in Ohio. I had medical schools lined up and a family practice to take over the day I graduated. I was offered the entire family practice with a starting salary of $300,000 a year. Sounds like a fairytale story to some but to me merely a lifeless fate. I don’t care what my test scores or parents say I’m no doctor, I’m a skier nothing more nothing less. Have you ever wanted to do something with your life that you chose not to because it’s simply too irrational, you could not see yourself taking the road less traveled? I have and finally this next semester I’ve decided to take my life into my own hands or destiny’s rather. Four days after Christmas I will be moving to Colorado with no money, no job, and no place to stay. I will leave what I’ve called home my entire life throwing out the pipedream of becoming a wealthy doctor and begin the life of a skier, a freeman with nothing holding me back but my own self-motivation. While most of my friends take the traditional road of life, throwing it away at college next semester only to chase a quick buck after they graduate, I’ll be on top a 14,000 foot mountain looking down at over 3,500 foot vertical covered in virgin champagne powder. Sure, I’ll be back once I have had my fill and then I will get back to the “normal” life of a college student but until then I’ll be living my dream, are you living yours?