This article is designed as a motivational piece.  We've worked at photo trade shows before and have noticed one thing.  There are a lot of "miserable" photographers out there.  It's too bad since photography is one of the best jobs in the world!Miserable Photographer Definition:  "A photographer who constantly complains about lack of money in the industry.  Generally searches for new products that will make them rich quick by creating much better photos.  Complain about how the industry is "getting them down" and new photographers are beating them out by offering super low and ridiculous prices.  Downright fun suckers."That's the dictionary definition.  Have you met someone like this?  Are you demonstrating some of the above actions?  Well, there's only one way to change that.  Work smarter!  Yes, smarter and not harder.  Harder means putting more time in, and possibly not getting as much out.  Smarter means working the same amount or more, but receiving much more from the work!The truth is that there is plenty of money out there for photographers that are willing to work hard, and have the necessary skills.  Spend time making your images the best you can and always working to better yourself.  Rut's are for people who lack motivation, if you feel like all you do is shoot the same shot, then try shooting something different!  Your attitude and job are what you make of them.  If you have a bad client who always puts you in a bad mood because they want you to lower prices, and complain, then stop working with them!Love what you do as a photographer.  You have the coolest job in the world and get to be your own boss!  Sure, it's a tough job, and that's why most people are constantly complaining about there "not being any money in photography"…The economy may be down, but those who are working smartly and keeping a positive attitude will continue to thrive.  If what you are doing now isn't landing you jobs or making you any money, change it! Shoot differently, find different clients, market differently, and come up with a real plan.  The customers generally won't find you…. You have to find them!End rant here…..