Hole In One Golf BoardThe guys from Every Third Thursday combined snowboarding and golf by making a golf board in one of their recent snowboarding videos. This board is designed for people who want to go straight from the slopes to the green. More Ski Videos >>The fashionable board is covered with fake golf turf and decorated with golfer-style plaid fabric. A hole on one end serves as a putting cup and there is a tee on the other end to set up the ball for putting practice. Although it’s designed for golf, it’s a board that is designed to work on the snowboard slopes as well. The board can be taken on a great run and then used as to putt as a wind-down form of relaxation. Be sure to check out ETT's snowboarding and skiing videos to see how it works.Be the BallBehind the Line (a program with snowboarding and skiing videos) recently featured a video about snowboarder Callum Pettit in which he essentially became a golf ball.More Skiing >>He misjudged his trajectory while snowboarding and tumbled into a vast expanse of snow. Along this expanse was a tiny hole. Pettit tumbled directly down into this hole. If he had been a golf ball, the golfer would have had cause to celebrate because this was essentially a hole in one! This is one of the best snowboarding videos to watch online!Spend Summers GolfingIn all seriousness, many snowboarders do take up golf as well. Although the sports are very different, they have similarities. They both take required focused attention. They each offer great opportunities for traveling to enjoy the sport and scenic views while you are there. And they both provide opportunities to challenge your body albeit in different ways. Since snowboarding is a winter activity and golf is primarily a warm weather activity, it certainly makes sense to complement one with the other.