The latest member to join the Digit Snow team is Mike King of La Familia. Mike has been progressing like crazy and we are really excited to support him this upcoming season.

Age: 21

Hometown/Resort: Central Lake Michigan/Shanty Creek

Age when you started skiing: 2

Nicknames: King

Breakthrough Moment: When LA FAmilia asked me to film with them

Favorite Terrain: Everything

Dream Conditions: Blue bird after the storm

The Best Thing About Skiing: being free

Favorite Music: All kinds

Favorite Ski Flick: Pop ya Bottles

Other Sports/Activities: Skateboard

Highlights of last season? Going in back to Michigan to hit some hand rails I have been looking at for years.

You made your movie debut with a big splash and a banger segment in La Familia's So It Begins. For those who don't know much about LaFa who is La Familia and what are you guys about? LA Familia is group of skiers that want to portray skiing in the right way. That you can go out anywhere there is snow and have a blast. You don't need coaches telling you how to ski or to pay 40 grand a year to go to an academy. Just you and your homies.

We have to ask...What's with the hair? How long has it taken to grow that long? Do people mistake you for Matt Walker at all while riding? It's been over 2 years since I got it cut. Who knows what’s next - keep growing it, dreads, may just shave it all off. Haven't been called Matt Walker, however I could be him for Halloween.

What's it been like moving from the small resorts in the Midwest to the big Mountains out west? It's overwhelming at first, the mountains are amazing and I feel like I will never take the mountains for granted growing up dreaming about moving out to Colorado.

I bet many don't know that you were a big racer on the slopes before park. What was that like and how has that influenced your park riding? I mean you charge rails and features like no one else. Racing is so fun just charging down a run as fast as you can. I think it has really helped me become an all-around skier, and definitely helps me concentrate before hitting features. I can really slow everything down before I drop in and really get in the zone.

What'd you get into this past summer? Anything exciting? Mainly worked at the cherry orchards all summer to stack stacks for this winter. Also made it to Hood and Whistler for some summer skiing.

Plans for this winter? Filming, competing? Big plans for this season - For the most part I’m going to be filming for La Familia. Really want a nice balance of urban and back country this year. Should be heading to Europe at some point to hit rails and also planning on spending some time up in British Columbia. Really excited to get on some stuff with the boys.

What sold you to ride for Digit poles? The guy behind the company, Judd is an awesome guy and as soon as I heard about it I knew I wanted to link up with them.

Any shoutouts? Shout outs to LA FAMILIA, THE B AND THE MITTEN!