The first thing to note when it comes to watching Dew Tour is that the real winner is Doug Bishop. If you follow NS on snapchat you know how seemingly impossible it is that he's awake and functioning well enough to present a pre-show TV broadcast at 8.30am. 6 women also had to somehow be up and skiing at that hellish hour so respect to them too, I couldn't do it.

Run 1:

I haven't watched a women's slopestyle comp in a while, but this one started pretty well. Yuki Tsobota didn't really have any rail tricks but a JP Auclair backflip mute makes that irrelevant and she landed a fairly clean run. Tiril lost a ski on her first rail trick but she can jump for sure, switch right 10? That's two interesting things in the first two runs, the guys didn't manage that in qualis or pipe... but then we're in to the bobbled/crashed runs again, mirroring most of the contest so far. Kelly Sildaru crashed first rail but damn she can jump, and Emma Dahlstrom has some fucking steeze but bobbled twice. Realistically you can't really say much positive (or much at all) about this, one semi clean run out of 6.

Run 2:

Tiril gets her run down, couple of tickled/missed grabs but actual rail tricks and a switch right 10 tail, gives her a score of 86. Johanne Killi put her run down too this time, missed some grabs. Kelly Sildaru STOMPS. It's clean(ish), it's way more technical than anyone else (spin all 4 ways) 90.80. First with ease. She's 13 years old and barely speaks English, it seems a bit harsh to interview her on TV. Emma Dahlstrom LIP BLIND TRU, so much style, stomps. It's less technical than Kelly, it looks way better... Good enough for 3rd, which is frankly bullshit (should have been at least second) but there we go.

So we have a 13 year old winner. When asked how she felt, Kelly replied in her broken english "I'm good". Yep, pretty much...