The best bit of Dew Tour, the Team Challenge, is back for 2017 with a stacked lineup yet again. There's no hiding the fact that last year's event was hampered by the weather conditions but things are looking better for this year at the moment, especially for the team event on Sunday. There are six teams and they each put forward one athlete for each of the three different events. The scores from each event are combined, and the highest scoring team across all three takes home the trophy.

Over the coming days we'll be checking out who is riding for each brand, and breaking down a little of what to expect. First up, the 'un-fuckable with' Armada squad captained by Sammy C:


Modified Superpipe: Torin Yater-Wallace

The definition of going big.

Torin is one of the best on the planet, it's that simple. From medaling at X-Games last year just months out from serious illness to sending it in the backcountry, Torin can do it all. In fact, if an individual had to ride all three events on show at Dew, Torin would be up there with the likes of Gus challenging for the crown. Here though, Torin has to tackle a slightly tweaked version of his most familiar environment, the modified Superpipe, for the Armada team. Expect insane amplitude along with plenty of style from a guy who is without question my favorite of the current riders to watch tackle a halfpipe.


Jumps: Henrik Harlaut

Every time Henrik is mentioned in a competition context, this run should be watched and remembered.

There isn't much to say about Henrik that hasn't already been said. He's unmistakable in every single thing he does, both on and off skis. I'd argue he's the most naturally gifted of any current competitor and he matches that with an endearing love for simply spending as much time as possible on skis. Always smiling, Henrik will be taking on the jump segment of the contest for Armada and he could throw just about anything depending on how he's feeling on the day. Expect insane style, wu-tang and above all, the unexpected.


Rails: Quinn Wolferman

For me, the definitive Quinn edit

If you haven't heard of Henrik or Torin, then I have no idea why you're reading this article or how you got here. I have to presume you're lost. However, it is just possible if, say, you've been living under a rock for the past couple of seasons, you might not know much about Quinn Wolferman. Quan' as he's more commonly known, is one of the leading lights of the 'new generation'. He's been killing it in edits, particularly those from Oliver Hoblitzelle, and on the 'gram for years now. He also made it to the 2016 SuperUnknown finals and is now putting some more work into the comp side of things. It's no small clue to his talent that Armada picked him out of their stacked team to ride the rails for them at Dew. Expect some of the most creative rail lines of the contest delivered with steeze and a smile.


Are Armada going to take the title this year? Let us know and check out the Team Challenge on Sunday to find out. It all kicks off at 8am Mountain Time.