The Winter Dew Tour has announced that Snowbasin, a Sun Valley Resort in Ogden, Utah, will hold the first Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) in Winter Dew Tour history at next week’s Toyota Championship, February 10-13.

Photo: Matt Stauble

Continuing to be a leader in action sports, the Winter Dew Tour will invite an additional 100 athletes to compete in this coveted competition providing further opportunity for new, up-and-coming talent to perform on an international platform. The athletes chosen to participate in the LCQ’s will be based on the open qualifier rankings coming out of the Nike 6.0 Open that was held earlier in the season at Breckenridge Ski Resort. Here's a look at the confirmed skiers so far...


Ben Moxham

Klaus Finne

Oscar Scherlin

Kim Boberg

Joss Christensen

Andri Ambuhl

Brian Kish

Jacob Wester

Elvis Eidsvold Harsheim

Vincent Gagnier

Steffen Hamre

Erik Hughes

John Spriggs

Vincent Gagnier. Photo: John Vandervalk


Kyle Smaine

James Campbell

P Adam Cook

Billy Mann

Tai Barrymore

Benoit Valentin

Patrick Baskins

Brett Weiss

Jon Anders Lindstad

Kris Atkinson

Christian Allen

JP Solberg

Sean Collin

Mitch Gilman

Nils Lauper

James Machen

Evan Walls

Mitch Gilman. Photo: John Vandervalk

The top 15 men and 7 women per Dew Cup discipline along with available wildcard spots will be advanced into this unique event based on the Open Qualifier rankings from the Nike 6.0 Open.  From the LCQ’s 5 men and 3 women will advance onto prelims. In addition, through the support of Paul Mitchell, there will be expanded women’s freeski slopestyle and superpipe competitions in Snowbasin.

Boasting the largest media platform in all of winter action sports, all three stops of the Winter Dew Tour will be televised Live on NBC with additional broadcasts on USA Network, MTV2 and Universal HD. In addition, it’s simulcast on Verizon V CAST and around the world on Eurosport 2 and Fox Sports Australia.

Photo: Dan Brown

In its third season, the top athletes in the world will take part in the 2010-11 Winter Dew Tour, all competing for the highly coveted Dew Cup that will be awarded at the Toyota Championship at Snowbasin Resort in Ogden, Utah. The 2009-10 Dew Cup champions include Andreas Hatveit (Freeski Slopestyle), Jossi Wells (Freeski Superpipe), Jamie Anderson (Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle), Sage Kotsenburg (Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle), Kaitlyn Farrington (Women’s Snowboard Superpipe), JJ Thomas (Men’s Snowboard Superpipe).

Photo: Dan Brown


Also, here's a look at the points leaders in the Ball Park Rookie of the Year contest on the Winter Dew Tour.