Great conditions continued for the ladies event at Breckenridge following on from a great showing by the boys. With 5 out of 8 riders out of the US, this was all about Olympic qualification again.

Run 1:

Devin Logan was the first to put up a decent score with solid grabs on most of her airs to go in to first.

Marie Martinod was close to blowing the scores out of the park but had a bobble at the bottom of a great run. Cassie Sharpe had a straight air truckdriver which was dope, but also a super nice grabbed cork 9. She easily took the lead with an 88.00.


Run 2:

Maddie Bowman dropped a 90.0 with lots of ways spun but lacked on the grabs somewhat. Marie Martinod has a straight air and both ways flairs, a 9 and a 7 to go first.

However she was bumped immediately by Cassie Sharpe who cleaned up her grabs and that was enough for a 93.33.


Run 3:

Nothing much changed. Maddie Bowman put down a mirror image of her last run but didn't get the grabs required to bump either Marie or Cassie. Brita managed to finally put it down but swapped a right 5 she'd been struggling on for a straight air and got punished heavily by the judges. Marie Martinod couldn't better her previous run, leaving Cassie Sharpe with a victory lap. She's looking like the odds on favorite to win pretty much every pipe comp down the line. Maddie Bowman ticked off a podium from the Olympic qualification criteria so she's one step closer to defending her gold from Sochi.