Dew Tour marks the halfway point in the US Olympic Team Qualification Schedule. Before the event, the standings looked like this:

Today, the weather finally played ball with blue skies and accordingly, the boys threw down. The word from the hill is the pipe was riding great and as a result we saw some insanity, along with some crazy crashes as people sent it in search of the prize and the points. The majority of riders had 3 dubs in their run (and a couple even had 4) out of what were generally 5 trick runs. This being Dew Tour, we can provide you with the runs in video form so there isn't much need for a blow by blow recap. Check the highlights:

Run 1:

Noah Bowman put down an insane run starting off with a beautiful three stale to switch dub 12 combo for 90.66. It's a beautiful run but all three switch dubs are to the left which, as you'll find out if you read on, hurt him today. There were other riders who came close but nobody else really got a perfect run.


Run 2:

Round 2 and things started getting crazy. Noah Bowman put his same run down but missed a grab. Then Rolland sent it like the pipe had been caught with his girlfriend 4 dubs: switch left dub 10, right dub 12, left dub 14, switch 7, left dub 12, to take the lead with a 92. Super good run but two of the dubs were basically the same.

Aaron Blunck immediately knocked Rolland off top spot with a 93.33.

Then Alex Ferreira fucking sent it straight into second (bumping Rolland to third) with 4 dubs out of 5 hits and his trademark pole whip to finish. The way he does that downpipe dub ender is crazy.


Run 3:

Kyle Smaine and Taylor Seaton managed to put it down but didn't really have the runs to challenge the podium today. Gus couldn't hold it together to manage a clean run, neither could David Wise. Torin did manage to land a run on the third time of asking but it wasn't (quite) perfect, starting with a slightly bobbled (but insanely big) right dub 12 mute. His bottom combo dub combo was crazy but, in a perfect mirror of Noah Bowman, all the dubs are rightside so he couldn't really challenge Blunck and Ferreira.

Alex Ferreira put down the same run again and it was even crazier, he went bigger, cleaned it up and took the lead and the win. Animal.