From the desk of Ski Movie

Long overdue, it’s finally time your favorite resource for ski movie soundtracks got a logo.  But we are way too busy adding this year’s soundtracks to the site (nor have the graphic design skills) to do it ourselves.  So, we are starting a little competition to get you NSer’s artsy fartsy juices flowing and to hone your competetive skills before they really matter this winter. 

The person with the best logo over the next two weeks (read: contest ends October 15th ish) wins a hundred dollars worth of iTunes or gift certificates and a possible long term graphic design contract with us.  Although we will ultimately decide who the winner is, we want feedback from the greater community to help sway us in our vote and help those contributors style their graphics to our liking.   Anyone and everyone is welcome to submit their art and multiple contributions (read: evolutions of your design based on our feedback) are strongly encouraged. 

A few things to help you get started.  This logo will primarily be used on the website so colors and some depth and detail are essential to win.  However, the basic theme of the logo will ultimately need to be simple enough that it can be made into stickers, shirts, etc. later down the road.  We like the idea behind a few of our other logos (see and but a design of a guy playing air guitar with his skis is by no means a guaranteed winner.

Please post submissions and comments below.  Any questions can be sent my direction

Good luck!