Most commonly mispelled as skieer, skiir, skiieer, or idiot, a skier is someone who is absolutely wicked and has no fear. A true skier (there are many imposters) can "ride" a whole mountain (including: Backside, Cliffs, Groomed Runs, Park, and Insane Tree Runs!!). They are able to pull CRAZY-SUPER-INSANE tricks (unlike Snowboarders), like Double-Backflip-900-Helicopter-Iron Cross into a Switch-Triple-Frontflip-360- Nose Grab. They can also ski quite skillfully yet effortlesly in light fluffy snow called "powder". While defying the laws of gravity by not sinking in a skier may shred the Gnar Freshies or take HUGE air off a jump, or even Cliff Jump with ease ansd fearlessness.  A true skier is a great athlete and person, and can generally do loops around a snowboarder in ANY part of a mountain.