So some cool news on the photography front for me. I received an invite to the Deep Summer Photo Challenge, held Aug 7-11 in Whistler, BC. This is a major mountain biking photography event that puts 5 pro photograhers and 1 wildcard (determined via on the mountains for 3 days (Aug 7-9) and then they have to make a slideshow of their images.

I have competed in a couple of these before, most recently, the Deep Winter Photo Challenge. The lineup this year for Deep Summer is probably the heaviest hitting lineup possible for this event. Jordan Manley, Sterling Lorence, Sven Martin and Paul Morrison. I am very stoked and honored to get an invite amongst this elite crowd and it will be awesome to get my imagery out to the mountain biking community in this format. The Coastal Crew (Curtain, Dungee and Norbs) will be riding with me and the 3 days of shooting will surely be epic times of nugs, fun, and hopefully some laugh attacks via Norbs.

On the final day of shooting (Aug 9), I will have to cut things a bit early to attend Dendrite’s World premiere of Out of the Shadows. Ticketing info for that will come shortly, as well as details on our Vancouver show. Here are some mountain biking shots that haven’t seen public eyes yet, nor are being held by mags.  To check out more go here: