Deep down beneath everything...BENEATH EVERYTHING there is a solid base layer. When I was 4 I asked my Mom, "where is the bottom of space?" Of course, she told me that space did not have a bottom. But deep down, beneath everything there is the tiny intricacy that holds everything together, that keeps us and the universe as we know it from spinning off into oblivion. Our human minds want to categorize, to measure, to comprehend, but try as we might we cannot. It is not about perspective, it is about truth. A few of you know of the place that I have been to gain an understanding of this, most of you do not. It is a construct reality, something of the truth of a human mind in another state of being. Everything is... artificial. Everything is distant. A universe made of pixels and moving lines. A window unto human perception or the construct of the universe? It is neither, because it is both. And the scariest truth of all? It is that we ultimately control our destinies, that our collective thoughts both guide and control us. The implications are enormous.

By the way...I'm sober as I write this.

Well, I'm off to ski either Copper or Vail. Peace and love.

Oh, and be sure to let me know if you can send me back in time about oh...three or four days.