Well, I just got back from my first weekend of skiing, its nice to be home.

It all started on Friday night after work. I packed up all the shit I needed and I drove up to Whitefish in my car. I had given my friend Owen a call earlier in the day asking if it was ok to stay the night at his house over the weekend so I could ski and have a free place to stay. Mind you, I had never been to his new place, so I was unsure what kind of mayhem I would get for sleeping arrangements. From my previous ski bumming experiences, sleeping arrangements can be genrerally hectic and I end up being right in the middle of some late night partiers more often than not, thanks to small ass apartments/houses that our forefathers built back in the day.

I arrived in Whitefish and gave my friend a call and then headed to his house. It is a fairly small place, and there are a few heads hanging out there. Im just glad to be off the road and hanging at my friends pad. I brought Skimatic and Long Story short with me as well as my knitting shit for times when I got bored. We ended up just hanging out at his house all night, cause it was to cold to go outside/downtown and they had never seen the ski movies I had, so I was happy to show them the uber new films. This kid named Christian came over which was cool and we talked to him for awhile. I tried to start a new hat but ended up messing it up by knitting the tail end into the had to far and ripping it totaly out to restart. Before I knew it, it was 2 am and It was way past bedtime. I ended up sleeping on the floor in the living room. I had brought pads/pillow with me so I was comfortable enough, but holy fuck, at about 4 am, some of Owen's roommates came in the door loud as hell. So lets just say I didnt get much sleep that night, which usually sucks prior to a day that one will be active, but hey, you can sleep when you die eh?

The next day, I awakened to clear skies, which is great, cause Big mountain tends to be sorta foggy. Although, the early season is usually mostly clear for some reason, perhaps the cold temperatures. I got to sleep in for a little bit and when I woke up, watched Laurent Favre's part and Josh bibbys part, i think corey vanulars too and then I headed up to the mountain. I got my season pass and found a good parking spot amidst all of the crowds. It was mad busy, but thats expected on opening day. I'm glad I had my car though, cause its alot easier to park in tight spots obviously. A friend from Polson named Brandon was planning on meeting me so I went to the top and met up with him after a quick run. I had never skied with him before and i dont think he had been up there much, so it was fun showing him my spots. We then met up with my good friends Sean and Tony at lunch. These guys are fun to ski with and generally we find the good powder when we group up like this. We decided to hike up to Flower point and go to the powder stashes cause alot of the easy access shit is tracked out. Wow. It was worth it like always. Some of the best accessible shit I have ever been too. So many log jibs too that were plenty covered laying lengthways down the mountain. We ended up hiking that run twice which was great exercise and a great reward. The day ended after a few groomer runs and no one was hurt. I saw my friend nate earlier to, but didnt get chance to ski with him cause he was at the end of the line and with some other peeps.

That night, at Owens house, I ended up crashing early at the house, yes on the ground. Owen wanted to go downtown to do something different I think, and I was like fuck that. It was cold out and I dont drink alcohol and just generally dont like the party scene at this point. All of owens other roommates left to go out, so i was the only one there for a little while. It was chill and quiet, worked on knitting hat, passed out early. Owen and co came back at about 2 am with some great stories that woke me up, but fuck it, its all good at this point. I dont really get mad about being woke up, especially at someones elses house. Saw some peeps I knew and hadnt seen in awhile so it was chill. The left at about 3 am. So I slept in the next day for a little while which felt good because I was sore. It's nice that I dont have to drive so far though, about 20 minute drive up to the mountain.

I met up with a friend named Nate from Missoula whos is one of my fav peeps to ski with. I met him in schweitzer Idaho at a railjam and found out we went to the same college. And since then I've skied with him a bunch. I was supposed to meed Peter and Brandon up there, but was running a bit late. They seemed to be charging hard and not waiting around cause I never saw them once, until the end of the day. I took Nate and an old roommate Todd and his friend Ryan, up to the powder stashes and he got way stoked to be up there. Todd is a chill kid and was was basically my landlord(his parents owned the house I rented from) in Missoula when I lived there, it was cool to show him the pow stashes and he was glad he came up after that. It was nice to find totally untracked lines cause alot of shit was tracked and shallow coverage. He wanted to drop into the canyon deeper, but I didnt want to because of the fucking elkweed at the bottom. We found just as many powder lines dropping back into the chair side. We hiked it twice today too. We found some cool natural jib features like a big quarter pipe near the top of the mountain and a mini table near the bottom of chair 7 that I could pop huge off. Nate and company ended up poaching some shiz on their last run and said it was epic. He said it would prob be his only weekend up here for the season so it was sooo sick to ski wit him. As well as Todd and Ryan, both cool guys, Todd snowboards and was keeping up excellently. Hes from east coast so he was loving it.

I departed from the mountain at the days end and gathered my stuff and headed home. No injuries. Hung out with some great people.

Now, Im tired and its 11:10 pm. o_0 I have to work in the morning lol. Im going to be sore. Oh yea, there is like 8 inches of snow outside my window and it has been that way for about 2 weeks. This is sorta unnatural for this area, so this is awesome. I need to make a better drop in for my rail though, no speed right now. :(

Im glad to finally get this first blog off my chest, phew.