a notsolocal film

After picking up the award for ''Best Editing'' and being nominated for ''Best Amateur film'' at IF3 Montreal this weekend, the NOT SO LOCAL crew couldn't be more stoked to introduce the trailer for their second film, Dead End.

After being nominated for "Best Editing" in 2014, the Not so Local crew is back in Whistler to complete their western journey. Following the 2014 flick, "Dead End" takes a deeper look into the state of mind of the notorious Whistler ski bum, exploring the many sacrifices needed to be done in order to fulfil every skier's dream... and how to get out of it. We followed a more ''traditional'' and crowd pleasing format exposing various aspects of skiing. The film is 27 minutes and relies heavily on different transitions and overall flow which we thought played a big part in the jury's decision.

The whole local Quebec crew put their hearts, souls and even a few ACL's on the line in order to create what we though would be an original production with a creative approach to the sport of skiing. By recreating different atmospheres lived by the riders during the season, not only did we want to offer a different point of view about skiing to the young skiers, we really wanted to broadcast through editing, a very important message to the younger generation by telling the story of regular skiers. A story about hard work, patience, exploration, creativity and passion. Values that we think are incredibly important to put emphasis on, especially at a turning point in the image of the sport.

Our objective this year was to make it to the big screen and although we did not present in IF3 MONTREAL we will premiere at IF3 WHISTLER.

Anybody can do a double. Its what you made of yourself, the decisions you took and how you react after and before doing that double that will surprise and KEEP THE STOKE ALIVE.

The crew picking up the award for ''Best Editing'' last weekend in MTL. We were so drunk we might of sweared just a bit on stage.

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