For Day 17 of 30 Days Of AWESOME! I chose to make a tank-top from scratch using new sewing techniques.I've been sewing for some time now, but have only mastered the art of remaking/restyling already made clothing. I can also make simple things such as neck warmers, pillow cases, curtains etc. The tank-top project, required me to buy a double needle, learn to use the double needle and sew with flexible cotton knit fabric. All of those new elements proved to be quite an AWESOME! challenge.First and foremost, I looked to YouTube for some helpful instruction.Next I found the courage to cut the fabric. I used a tank top as a pattern.

Next I set up my machine by a bright window.
I switched my regular needle for the double needle.
Now I threaded two spools of thread. Still only one bobbin.
Practice stitching to dial in the tension setting.
It took me a LONG time to dial in that tension setting...
Halfway done, my roommate Becca Babicz models the tank-top. It looked so much like a dress on her, she added some high heels!
I experimented with ways to add detailing. (look closely and you can see where I tired using a lighter to finish the edges of my hem so it wouldn't fray. Oops bad idea, I had a mini fire panic moment.)
In this photo you can see a hair straightener at the top of the table... We don't have an iron, so I made due.
Finished product on this hot male model.
Reid Persing looking all sorts of hip.
Close up on the finished detailing.
I left the neck line and bottom hem "organic" for a signature touch.
I learned many things while working on this project. Most all my lessons pointed me towards buying the correct equipment for each sewing project. I needed an iron and large table to make cutting more precise. I also needed a new sewing foot made for light weight cotton fabrics. This would have prevented the stretching of fabric while hemming. Check out the other ladies of 30 Days Of AWESOME! to see how my posts hold