What up Newschoolers!

So I took a cat ride up the mountain today to fill everybody in on some

of the plans for the summer Woodward at Copper terrain park. There's a

ton of snow and the features are going to be sick! Definitely a step

above the regular season public Copper park.

They guys have been working really hard to stock pile snow all season

long. Lots of extra snow was blown on the terrain park itself and all

of the surrounding runs. This has allowed us to farm snow really well.

We should be all set for a great park all summer long. Here's what's up!

Jump line: 45-50 foot step-up, 30 foot true table, and a PLETHORA of rails and boxes that we want YOU to choose!

So the goal here is to have a few different rail lines to choose from,

small, medium and large. Tell us what you want to see. What do you want

to learn how to do? gaps on, gaps off, stagger, pretzels, blind,

switchups...we want to build this park for YOU!

So here's my quick little vblog. I'll keep heading up there every week to keep you updated on the status.