Here are the pictures of the new setup after the Dashney Rebuild. They are in order.

This rail feels like it is made out of lead.

Dashney Mile

Jump 1

Jump 2

Jump 2 again, and Jeff again. Not bad for the first hit of day.

up box

trap or rainbow choice

hip/tree jib

Flat rail or flat box with axel tire/ log jib in the back

Jump 3

Jump 4

Bunker Hill This new mini park is actully pretty fun. I learned a couple new tricks on the low rails.


As of today these snowmaking whales, and a bunch that you cant see in this shot are now: 2 jumps, a spine, 2 banked turns and more rollers than you could figure out something to do with. I was too cold to take any pictures.

New Open Slope Rail

The landing is pretty far away so dont creep at it. Perfect for a 450.

Here are the two jumps on Foxes